Best Concert of 2020


As 2020 unfolds and times roll with anticipations checked out, the festive days pass along with its glamour and stress causing us to return to our normal activities and regular chores! Our actions gradually aligning to the intended vision and resolutions. With so many events coming up and some past, we look forward to a year with so many accomplishments and of cause fun! Yes!

From the weddings to birthday parties moving to exclusive trends all over the place which doesn’t pose as a surprise as the year started with a bust!, a music concert #GBfoundationconcert  Googleboi  Foundation Concert 1.0

The event, on the 1st of January 2020 7pm, was served as anticipated, with so many performances from different Artist, Dance crews and popular Nigerian comedians took a massive groove off the evening Including the Host artist Googleboi, was said to have  given one the best performance of the night, That kept sensations on through the hearts of fans till date…  as we still see comments with lots of love from diehard fans !

The turn up was reported huge as so many fans seemed hyped about the concert, Fans say they can’t wait for the concert’s 2.0, Its proves to be the Hottest concert of 2020 so far !!!

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